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Grown in the foothills of misty Himalayas and nurtured by pristine snow-fed Ganges, Hello Basmati Rice gives your palate a fine Indian concoction. This culinary magic comes to you after lot of hard work, patience & careful tending. To get the finest grain possible, the specifications are strictly adhered to and the best quality paddy is dried & graded. Best milling, polishing, & packing ensures the grain is long, slender pearly white & truly aromatic. The state-of-the-art multi cleaning process cleans each grain eliminating dust, dirt, stones and other elements. The quality is then measured by the length, fitness and smooth texture of the grain. The result is astounding with a salubrious aroma, a delectable taste and immaculately clean rice.

» Hello Imperial- The Traditional Basmati Rice
» Hello Saltanat- The Extra Long Basmati Rice
» Hello Oriental- The Goodliving Basmati Rice
» Hello Majestic-The Fine Dining Basmati Rice
» Hello Royal- The Royal Treat Basmati Rice
» Hello Daily- The Everyday Basmati Rice

Other Brands
» Hello Chef's Special- For Horeca Customers
» Hello Chef's Delight- For Horeca Customers
» Hello Jahapanah Indian Aromatic Rice
» Hello Jashan Indian Long Grain Aromatic Rice
» Hello Khilla Khilla XXtra Long Grain Rice
» Hello Indica Indian Aromatic Rice

Packing Sizes
» 1 kg
» 5 kg
» 10 kg
» 25 Kg